The Flying Palace


For one lucky owner, home is literally a flying palace that was once a Boeing 787-8 passenger service jet. The spacious 2,400 square foot Boeing 787-8 (now) private jet was converted from a passenger service jet to one for private use. With some help from Kestrel Aviation Management, Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies, this is now the first Dreamliner to be built as a Boeing Business Jet.

After a year-long refurbishment process, the jet now boasts a range of luxurious amenities — such as five designer bathrooms — that one may find in a home. It also doesn’t hurt that the plane has space for nearly 40 people on board.

The massive master suite is as warm and inviting as, once again, a bedroom in a well-appointed home. The suite is divided into several sections with a California king-sized bed that is said to be an “oasis of silence”. With a noise level of only 48 decibels, kicking back in the Master Suite would feel almost as good as sleeping in a tranquil location, perhaps Gstaad? In other words, there is no hint of massive jet engines humming away. Of course, the suite is also equipped with a refrigerator and safe.

To complement that unbelievable master bedroom is a master bathroom that features a set of his and her sinks made of marble. Think about that for a second because stoneware like marble in planes are usually dispensed with as such items add to the operating cost. Joining the marble sinks is a double-sized shower to ensure that you get squeaky clean even thousands of feet in the air. Truly, a properly comfortable shower in a plane is a luxury. The finishing touch that completes the master suite is the walk-in closet that also has heated marble floors. Again, consider that marble part carefully…

Rather than neglect the space that connects the suite to the rest of the plane, the designers opted to utilize the foyer to its fullest potential. Using dark wallpaper, flooring and recessed floor lights, the hallway is designed to look like a series of vertical waves.

Beyond the hallway is a main lounge designed to have an open and airy feel. With no physical partitions, the designers made use of various colors to decorate the area. Alongside the darkwood cupboards and cream-colored sofas, are two daybeds that face the 55-inch flatscreen display. For guests seated away from the center of the screen, are two 24-inch display scre

Thanks to a pair of devans at the back of the plane, guests can choose to utilize the area as a meeting or dining area as well as sleeping accommodations. Guests can enjoy a VIP lavatory that can be found just beyond the lounge. Behind the lavatory — toward the front of the plane — is a guest cabin with 18 full-flat, first class sleeper seats while six premium economy seats are designated for the staff.

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