Etiquette Luxury Group signs up with leading security company in the UK.

EX Marines, Ex Commandos, Ex Specialised Military Personel


Constant Protection by Leading UK Security Company

Etiquette Luxury Group is a leading niche marketing and advertising platform providing solutions to luxury brands that want to target the UHNW and HNW individuals in the GCC. We now welcome ‘Pride Security Global’ as our security partner and we took the opportunity in interviewing Nathan Evans, CO CEO of the company.


A force to be reckoned with


  • Ex-military personnel Army and Navy, Royal Marine Commandos
  • Ex Special Forces
  • Ex-armed police and law enforcement officers
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Both male and female operatives


  • Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard)
  • Tailored Bodyguard Services (team of bodyguards 2 +)
  • Full protection Team
  • Executive Meet & Greet UK (Vehicle, security driver airport pick up)
  • Executive protection Meet & Greet UK 
  • Asset Protection
  • Luxury Vehicle & Security driver
  • Luxury Holiday Villa Residential Security


An Interview with Nathan Evans


Tell us about Pride Security Global

We are a high-end security provider servicing High Net  Worth Individuals and families. Our clients require particular  expertise in security at the highest level. We provide  bodyguards and personal close protection, super yacht  security, security abroad and holiday villas, Private parties  and events. Although we can fulfil any security requirement –  our primary focus is providing bespoke security solutions to  private clients. This is evident with the operatives we provide,  most of whom are either ex-military or ex-Metropolitan  Police. All are fully qualified and highly experienced.


What specific services can you deliver in terms of  security abroad?

Many of our clients spend time abroad, be it for work or  pleasure – travel is part and parcel of their lifestyle. We  provide operatives to secure residential property while clients are staying there on holiday, 24hrs a day if required. We select  Royal Marines and Maritime Security Officers (MSO’s) to  provide Maritime security on board yachts. They all have  close protection licenses for ship to shore personal security,  are accustomed to working at sea, the operations of a sea  vessel and can readily assess potential threats of danger. We  can also provide Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) who will  travel to a destination, escorting clients from airports, as well  as providing daily close protection whilst overseas.


How do you go about evaluating a client on the  level of security assistance they might need? 

Every client is different – and it’s essential to carry out a  detailed risk assessment on a case by case basis. Risk can be dependent on a clients’ work environment, their background,  their net worth in assets, as well as an evaluation of previous  or current threats that they are aware of consideration for their itinerary, destination and location schedules also need to be taken into account, as these can affect the way a CPO  can perform their duties. We would, for example, need to  know the number of people needing protection. if it werea family and whether the group would include women and  children. A full assessment allows us to select the appropriate  team in terms of personnel, ratios, experience and gender.


What changes in the security services sector have  you seen in recent times?

The security industry is constantly evolving. Licensing is  now a necessity governed by the Security Industry Authority  (SIA) in the UK. We have seen a sharp rise in the numberof ex-military seeking to work within the private sector of  Close Protection. This provides a pool of highly experienced  operatives working under threat of danger and assessing  risks who have been required to attain the Close Protection  qualification which gives them the soft skills needed to adapt  to civilian protection. In more recent times, there has also  been a growing demand for discreet protection. That said,in today’s society, certain high-profile individuals see it as  fashionable to have personal security and a more obvious  visual deterrent may be called for.


What advice would you give to a potential client  looking to secure the services of a security agency?

Check the licensing requirements for security and body  guards in your country of residence. You can then verify ifthat particular security company follows and adheres to the  necessary legal requirements. Only ever use a company that  provides fully licensed operatives, has liability insurance and  can provide referral evidence. This not only ensures you will  select someone licensed and experienced, but it also gives you  an insight into the individual that may be working closely  alongside you.


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